Online mobility: Traditional music and musical instruments

Online mobility: Traditional music and musical instruments

The meeting was organised online.

During the first day of activity the partners introduced themselves, presented their schools and teams and gave voice to different photos using Blabberize tool. The Romanian team offered all necessary explanations on how to use this tool and provided guidance in creating photos. Students’ creations were posted on the Padlet:
The second day of the meeting was dedicated to encouraging students to work in teams. The host organization created a power point that was shared with all the participants, each team having access to upload their materials on the topic:Traditional songs.

The aim of the third day of meeting was to encourage students to be creative by making their own handmade bracelets. After an workshop during which all participants could see a demonstration on how to make bracelets, each team organized sessions during which students created their own bracelets. All students’ creations were uploaded here

The Romanian partner presented a series of online games that were played together with the project partners on the fourth day of our meeting. The second session of this day was designed to encourage students’ writing skills. Therefore, students were invited to write letters to their friends and to create postcards using Canva.

On the fifth day students watched a series of documentaries and short movies about Romanian museums and cultural heritage: 

The Romanian Peasant museum

-Traditional musical instruments

-Village National Museum

An eTwinning page was created and partners uploaded materials to illustrate traditional instruments from their countries.

The project coordinators met daily to offer feedback and discuss details regarding the project implementation. There was also a session during which participants offered feedback and certificates were given.