Fifth day. Feedback Day. (2021-10-01)

Fifth day. Feedback Day. (2021-10-01)

The guest is welcomed according to the clothes, sent out according to the mind.

The fifth, last day of the International Erasmus+ KA229 co-educational school exchange project “Our Differences are our Rich” was dedicated to the discussion of the mobility of the first project. School psychologist Jelena Semionova offered project participants from all countries to create a collage from magazine clippings, which would reflect the impressions and emotions experienced during the first mobility. For almost an hour, the students flipped through magazines, cut, put together and glued a retrospective collage of their experiences during their stay in Lithuania. After this activity, there was a presentation of the created works, after which the project participants evaluated the activities of the first meeting with the help of the online tool Kahoot.

The participants of the international project and representatives of the coordinating country: I. Narkevičienė, director of the M. Gorki pro-gymnasium, N. Ulteravičienė, deputy directors for education, I. Rakuceva and J. Paulienė, as well as permanent project assistants L. Diliautienė, O. Normantienė, gathered at the Klaipėda hotel “Old Mill” for lunch. Hotel restaurant Rozmarinas. The windows of this restaurant offer views of the Curonian Lagoon and passing ships. In such a cozy environment, students baked pizzas themselves and tasted them, while teachers from Turkey, Macedonia and Serbia and representatives of the host country communicated, shared impressions and created visions for the future. In the afternoon, the Director of Klaipėda M. Gorkis Pro-gymnasium I. Narkevičienė and the coordinator of this project J. Paulienė presented everyone with certificates of project participation.

The project was crowned by an almost five-kilogram cake with burning candles brought to the lunch hall unexpectedly for everyone. The words of farewell and thanks, the last hugs touched the hearts of many, there were also those who secretly wiped away a tear. It was clear to everyone that the meeting was over and the friendship would continue.

Project coordinator Jolanta Paulienė thanks all secondary school teachers who contributed to the organization of the project’s first mobility.