Fourth day. Travel day. (2021-09-30)

Fourth day. Travel day. (2021-09-30)

A bird is made beautiful by its feathers, and a man by his mind.

The fourth day of the international Erasmus+ KA229 co-educational school exchange project “Our differences – our wealth” began with the reflection of the previous day and the presentation of proverbs by Macedonian representatives.

After the presentation, the project participants, accompanied by English teacher Olga Normantienė, Lithuanian language teacher Lijana Diliautienė and librarian Ingrida Paulikienė, went to the Curonian Spit.

The Curonian Spit is a peninsula of sand dunes 98 km long and 0.4-4 km wide, a unique creation of man and nature, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. People settled here already in prehistoric times. This area is characterized by an abundance of unique cultural and natural features.

First of all, the project participants visited the Gintaro gallery – museum located in Nida. This museum presents the history of Baltic amber: formation, morphology, colors and inclusions. Ambers of various sizes and shapes can be seen here. The largest amber on display weighs 3 kilograms 820 grams. Visitors could win 50 million by touching it. years of amber energy and feel the warmth emitted by amber yourself. Later, the participants visited the Royal Workshop located next to the Amber Gallery-Museum, where they participated in the educational program “Amber Road”. During it, after choosing a piece of amber that they like, some of the project participants made a beautiful luck-bringing amulet, others – a beautifully shaped talisman that can be carried in the pocket and gives strength.

After lunch, the participants of the international Erasmus+ KA229 co-educational school exchange project “Our differences – our wealth” visited Parnidis dune. Parnidis dune is one of the highest sand dunes in Europe. The dune is 52 m above sea level. There is an observation deck at the top of the Parnidis dune, which offers a view of the half-timbered dunes in the Grobštas nature reserve, the panorama of the Nida settlement and the billowing Baltic Sea in the west. The project participants examined the stone sundial standing on the top of the Parnidis dune, according to the direction and length of the falling shadow, indicating the exact astronomical time.

Afterwards, everyone walked along the beach. Although the weather was not kind, it was brisk, some of the bravest project participants dared to wade into the Baltic Sea and even taste its water.

Finally, the participants of the project arrived at Raganui kalnas, a unique museum of wooden sculptures in Juodkrante, where devils, witches and other folklore heroes reign, opening up the natural-mystical spirit of this place to visitors.

After the memorable trip, the project participants returned to Klaipėda, where they were met by the coordinator of the international Erasmus+ KA229 general education school exchange project “Our Differences – our Rich” (Our Differences are our Rich), Deputy Director for Education of Klaipėda M. Gorkis Pro-Gymnasium, Jolanta Paulienė, who all participants were invited to a friendship dinner.