Project “Our differences – our wealth” took place in Lithuania

Project “Our differences – our wealth” took place in Lithuania

First day – acquaintance day (09/27/2021)

The first meeting of the international Erasmus+ KA229 general education school exchange project “Our differences – our wealth” took place in Lithuania – the coordinating country. The guests, 12 students and 6 teachers from Turkey, Macedonia and Serbia, were hospitably received at Klaipėda Maksim Gorkis pro-gymnasium. Romanian representatives will join the project activities remotely. This whole week (2021-09-27 – 2021-10-01) there will be more commotion, new acquaintances and business conversations at school.

First day (2021-09-27) – acquaintance day.

You need to eat a lot of salt to know a person.

The guests were greeted with bread and salt in the concert hall of Klaipėda’s M. Gorky High School while playing folk music. The school director I. Narkevičienė gave a welcome speech to the project participants.

First of all, the country participating in all the projects introduced itself: they spoke briefly about their country, mentioned the most important traditions, said proverbs representing the country, its people and culture. Teachers L. Domijonaitytė and M. Serebriakova told the participants of the project about Lithuanian and Russian national costumes, and their students danced folk dances. School psychologist J. Semionova’s familiarization games helped the children to feel braver and to smile at a stranger. In the afternoon, project participants had the opportunity to get to know Klaipėda. Guided by the guide, the children and teachers inspected the city’s architecture, walked through the squares, and heard the city’s history reminiscent of the distant past. The first timid conversations began to take place between the students…

The first day had a lot of excitement, so as the sun set into the sea, everyone dispersed to calmly reflect on what they had heard and seen.