Second day. Culinary Heritage Day (2021-09-28)

Second day. Culinary Heritage Day (2021-09-28)

His hands are black, his conscience is white.

The second day of the international Erasmus+ KA229 co-educational school exchange project “Our Differences are our Rich” started with the discussion of the previous day, sharing of impressions and presentation of today’s topic. Turkish and Lithuanian schoolchildren staged the proverbs of their countries, and the rest of the project participants had to guess what they were about. It was concluded that the theme of the day is traditional crafts and culinary heritage.

Project participants visited the Veivirženiai craft center of Klaipėda district. Here, each guest got acquainted with the tools and tools needed for making rag dolls, as well as the technology of making rag dolls. These dolls are special in that no needles are used for their production. They are produced by tying. The tied dolls are decorated with national costumes. Guests from abroad made a rag doll each – a souvenir of Lithuania.

And at the same time, Lithuanian schoolchildren spun wool. They were learning how to wind a bar of soap with wool. The work was painstaking and required patience. The children gave the soaps wrapped in wool to the guests from abroad, thus strengthening the established friendship.

After the educational sessions, the project participants tasted homemade cheese while drinking herbal tea. All participants were treated to a traditional Lithuanian kugel by the hostesses of the craft center.

The participants of the project returned to Klaipėda full of impressions and happy.