Third day. Knowledge Day. (2021-09-29)

Third day. Knowledge Day. (2021-09-29)

A thief will not steal science, nor fire will burn it, nor water will flood it.

After sharing the impressions of the previous day, the participants of the international Erasmus+ KA229 co-educational school exchange project “Our differences – our wealth” learned about today’s topic. The corresponding proverb is that the roots of science are bitter and the fruits are sweet. Proverbs related to this topic were presented remotely by Romanian representatives. The other participants were divided into groups by the Jigsaw method, because four lessons were waiting for the project participants on this day.

The first was an integrated Lithuanian and English lesson “Get to know Lithuania”. The lesson was conducted by Lithuanian language teacher L. Diliautienė and English language teacher V. Sedlovskaja. Students tested the knowledge they acquired during the lesson by answering Kahoot and Mentimeter questions.

The second is a dance lesson. Led by teacher L. Domijonaitytė, the students danced the Lithuanian folk dance “Oira, oira”. After that, the representatives of Turkey, Macedonia and Serbia presented the national dances of their countries.

The third is a lesson in theatrical mastery. The lesson was conducted by theater teacher G. Semionova. Under her guidance, the 2nd grade students staged 4 Lithuanian folk proverbs, which the rest of the participants had to name.

The fourth is an art and movement lesson. The participants of the project were divided into two groups – one took part in a drawing lesson on water led by T. Semenistaja, while the others at the same time, under the guidance of teachers O. Kerpiškienė and G. Bočkuvienė, learned Lithuanian folk games. Afterwards, the groups exchanged activities.

After lunch, the project participants had a trip to the Maritime Museum and the ethnographic homestead of a seaside fisherman, which was restored according to the 19th century. help – 20th century Ave. Šventoji, Palanga coastal fishermen’s homestead. In the ethnographic seaside fisherman’s homestead, all the farms and residential buildings of the seaside homesteads have been restored. The homestead complex of a wealthy fisherman – who raised animals, worked the land and fished – is reflected here: a residential house, a barn, a granary, a sauna, a cellar, a smokehouse, a pit for drying nets and drying fish.