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Romania, Scoala Gimnaziala Romanu Braila

Romanu Lower Secondary School is the place where teachers build together with their students and their families the future of the community. Our school is situated in a village, 20km away from the Braila city. The number of teachers is of 30 and the number of students is of 250, they are aged 6-15. Our school promotes a system based on values, competence and responsibility, cultivating honesty, sincerity, social intelligence, courage of civic action, creativity, personal involvement, teamwork, respect and solidarity.

Most of the pupils come from families with low income, ten percent of them are special-needs pupils; their families get only social welfare or rely on children’s allowance from the government; some of them are day workers or get low income from agriculture during summertime. The high level of unemployment determined some of the parents to leave and work abroad and leave their children to be raised by their grandparents. Most parents work in agriculture during the summer.

We have good support from the local community and of the city council and association of parents actively involved in school’s activity. Having relationship with NGOs and other educational institutes and dance ensemble of folk dances that got national prizes will be our positive added value to this project.

School and community will be fully aware of the importance of a direct interaction with other cultures and thank nature for bearing us among its beauties and do our best to keep it healthy and beautiful.

The school is equipped with an IT lab and teachers want to integrate ICT tools to classroom across multiple disciplines. Starting with the school year 2017-2018, through the support of the Romanu City Hall, the school benefits from financial support in order to promote the digitization of the educational act. Thus, all teachers of the school received tablets. Teachers and students benefit from free accounts on the Adservio digital platform. There is internet in each classroom, and 4 classrooms are equipped with video projector.

The project team members who initiated and developed this project are people with experience in international projects of the KA2 type, the school having an international project of this type, a project that will end this school year.

Giorgiana Ioan – the school principal – has experience in coordinating international educational activities and in managing financial resources. Managerial abilities are reflected in the fact that they can motivate teachers by providing them with moral support and understanding whenever needed.

Lidia Nistor – contact person, professor of civic culture and English, trainer – has experience in coordinating international projects, performing creative activities, integrating non-formal methods in the teaching process and experience in creating websites.