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Turkey, Şehit Ömer Halisdemir Anadolu İmam Hatip Lisesi

Turkey mobillity plan

Our institution was opened on 19/09/2016 in Yenimahalle Ankara as Martyr Ömer Halisdemir Anatolian Imam Hatip High School. Science and Social Sciences in high school; In secondary school, there is a program for memory-foreign language (Arabic-English). Qur’an courses are provided by 51 classrooms and Religious Affairs Department. Religious and academic education is carried out simultaneously in our institution, which cares about developing contemporary, national, spiritual and religious feelings. 5 Science Laboratories, 1 Information Technologies Laboratory, 1 Mind and Intelligence Games Workshop, 1 Visual Arts Workshop, 1 Music Room, 1 Tübitak Room, 1 Reading Club has 1Z Library. We have indoor and outdoor sports halls for sports activities. We have 2 conference halls for 250 and 750 people. Our institution accepts students with a test in the Secondary School department. Students are admitted to our high school department according to the central examination system. We have a total of 1069 students. That’s why we have a successful student profile.

In our school, the subject of cultural heritage is processed in all curriculum, especially by integrating it into Social Studies and Turkish lessons in the curriculum. The teacher profile of our school involved in values education and eTwinnning projects; It has a structure that is open to innovations, creatively, follows new technologies in its lessons. Our school managers support our teachers. In our institution, eTwinning projects are carried out with national and international partners who have a collaborative education model on the theme of Cultural Heritage. These eTwinning projects will be a resource for our Erasmus + project topic, and the activities and results of our Erasmus + project will be an example to eTwinning projects. The project titles on cultural heritage in our organization are: Proverbs and Idioms Theater, Diversity is our Wealth, Here for Reading, We’re growing up with improvement, I am travelling-having fun-learning, Traveler’s Turkey Guide, Charity Box, If you are empathetic you are sympathetic.